How to Reset Vampire Power Points and Weaknesses in the Sims 4


Despite the huge variety of activities in The Sims 4, the developers are still trying to come up with something new. Various additional packs add tons of content and new features to the game. For example, with the Vampire pack, players can become Vampires, explore puzzles, and level up various Vampire abilities. And in this guide, we will tell you how to reset Vampire Power Points and Weaknesses in Sims 4.

How to Reset Vampire Power Points and Weaknesses

While playing The Sims Vampires, players will be able to earn points for leveling up Weaknesses and unique Abilities. But what if you want to completely change your Sim’s abilities. In this case, you need to prepare a Draft of Reconfiguration.

This is a special vampire drink that resets Vampire Power Points and Weaknesses. The recipe for this drink can be unlocked when you reach Vampire lore level 14. This can be easily done by purchasing and examining the vampire tomb.

To prepare a Draft of Reconfiguration you will need two Plasma Fruits, two Wolfsbanes, and two Garlic. You can find Plasma Fruits by exploring Forgotten Hollow. You can also find as many Wolfsbanes as you need in the same location. And you can buy Garlic through a computer. But do not forget that you must be immune to Garlic, otherwise, you will not be able to make a drink.

Now that all the ingredients are collected, you must go to the bar. There, after mixing all the ingredients, you will prepare a Draft of Reconfiguration. Drink it, and all your Vampire Power Points and Weaknesses will be reset.

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The Vampires pack has a lot of interesting activities that players can do. But leveling up the Vampire abilities is the most important since it will allow you to explore Forgotten Hollow in different ways. So use our tips to change the Abilities and Weaknesses of your Vampire Sim.

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How to Reset Vampire Power Points and Weaknesses in the Sims 4


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