How to Research Tactics in Evony: Research Tactics Guide


There is a huge amount of interesting MMORTS games that you can find in the modern game industry and one of the most remarkable ones is called Evony. There you will have to rule over a kingdom that has a huge army and if you want to make your army stronger you will have to know how to research tactics in Evony.

Tactics Researching is an interesting mechanic that allows you to make your army stronger. Also, there is an event that provides you with some valuable rewards for performing these researches. So, this guide will tell you about this mechanic and event.

How to Research Tactics in Evony

Evony is a massive RTS game that allows you to build different structures. One of these structures is known as Military Academy and you can unlock it at level 36. It allows you to perform a lot of different research related to your army’s tactics.

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Military Academy has a few branches of upgrades that belong to different types of units. So, you should choose the one that you like and try to research it. In order to do it, you will have to spend some resources, and the most interesting among them is called Tactic Scrolls.

Tactic Scrolls is a very interesting resource that allows you to obtain Tactic Score points during the Tactics Researching event. These scores allow you to obtain different event rewards and we recommend you to spend your Tactic Scrolls on Researching Tactics.

Evony has lots of different content that may be problematic to learn especially for a new player. So, we will be glad if our guide helps you to understand how to research tactics in your Military Academy and what kind of benefits you can get from it. Good luck in your further battles in Evony!

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How to Research Tactics in Evony: Research Tactics Guide


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