Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features different types of buddies that can help you during your adventures, assisting you in a variety of ways as you take down the strongest of monsters. These buddies, however, can also help you gather more items, providing invaluable help for all your crafting and upgrading endeavors.

Here’s everything you need to know about Meowcenaries and how they can help you in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Recruit Meowcenaries In Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, you do not exactly recruit Meowcenaries, but rather put together and manage a squad of buddies that can be sent out to look for items as you complete quests. Before you can do so, however, you will have to recruit buddies via the services offered by Buddy Handler Iori. Once you have done so, you can talk with Felyne Chief Kogarashi, who can be found in the Buddy Plaza. Both Palicos and Palamutes can join a Meowcenary Team.

What Do Meowcenaries Do?

Meowcenaries Teams can be sent out on the field to gather items, providing a steady flow of materials while you are busy taking down monsters and moving the story forward. Once you have recruited some buddies, you can deploy them to a variety of locations that feature different routes and materials, which are highlighted while making your selection. Once the location and route have been selected, you can assign up to four buddies to the team. Make sure to assign the highest leveled buddies as much as you can, as their skill level determines how successful the expedition will be.

Once deployed, the squad will be absent for the next five missions you undertake. Once back, you can talk with Felyne Chief Kogarashi again to collect the items they have found.

What Are Rampage Outbreaks?

During expeditions, Meowcenaries may discover a Rampage Outbreak. These outbreaks are dangerous, featuring more monsters than usual that you will have to take out yourself, but they yield great rewards. You can also decide to ignore them and let the Meowcenaries resume their regular expedition.

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