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How to Recruit Jade in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide

How to Recruit Jade in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Engage is one of the best titles out there at the moment, and many players are seeking ways to get all of the game’s available characters. And as any long-time Fire Emblem fan will know, characters are an integral part of the series.

And although Fire Emblem Three Houses was also very popular, thanks to its relatable cast of characters, Fire Emblem Engage also has lots of colorful and amazing characters as well, one of which is Jade. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to recruit Jade in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Recruit Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

Jade is one of the coolest characters that you can unlock and recruit to your party in Fire Emblem Engage. You’ll first of all encounter her when playing through the game’s narrative and upon seeing her for the first time, you just know she’s someone you have to recruit to your party.

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And when you meet Jade, you can also bring a specific party member to speak with her. Her first appearance will be in Chapter 9: A Class of Forces. It’s also the first time you’ll face Ivy and her retainers on the north and south side of the map.

When you show up, Jade will appear in front of your party and help you in the fight. What you need to do here is ensure you reach her in time and then get her to speak with the correct party member (Diamant) to increase your chances of recruiting her to your roster.

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So have Diamant speak with her but the move will cost Diamant a turn, but if it means adding Jade to your party, then it’s worth it. After speaking with her, Jade will remain in your party for the remainder of the current fight and afterwards join your roster until you finish the game.

Jade is among five optional characters in Fire Emblem Engage that you can recruit to your party. And you can unlock these other characters as you progress through the game’s story.

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How to Recruit Jade in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide


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