How to Read Minecraft’s Enchanting Language Table


Minecraft is one of the most popular survival games that you can find in the modern game industry. There are lots of different mechanics that allow you to craft and upgrade your equipment. One of the best ways to make your weapons and armor stronger is to use the enchantment feature. When you try to enchant your equipment, you can see weird inscriptions that these enchantments have. This guide will tell you how to read Minecraft’s Enchanting Language.

How to Read Minecraft’s Enchanting Language

There are many interesting features that you can find in Minecraft. One of the most useful ones is the enchanting table. It allows you to enchant your equipment with different effects. For example, you can increase your sword’s damage or give it the ability to set your enemies on fire.

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When you try to use the enchanting table in Minecraft, you can see a few inscriptions. Each enchantment that you can do has its own inscription and all of them are written in a special language. This language is called SGA, or Standard Galactic Alphabet, and you may want to understand how to read it.

The sentences that are written in SGA in Minecraft are based on English sentences. In order to understand them, you will need to remember all the SGA symbols and which English letters they represent. Here is the full SGA alphabet that you can use.

In order to read inscriptions that you can find on the enchanting table, you just need to take a screenshot of them and use the alphabet to read them. You can also challenge yourself to try and remember all these letters.

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How to Read Minecraft’s Enchanting Language Table


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