Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features 14 different weapon types coming with very different movesets that take a while to get used to. As trying to get some training while hunting monsters is not exactly ideal, the game provides a training area that can be used freely to practice attacks and combos, which is even more important once you have finally unlocked the new Switch Skills.

The game, however, doesn’t tell you outright where the Training Room is. But we are here to save the day once again, giving you the directions to the facility as well as providing an overview of what you can accomplish in the Training Room.

How To Reach The Training Room In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features fast travel mechanics, but you will still have to reach the Training Room manually. To do so, open the map and fast-travel to the Buddy Plaza location. From here, turn to the left from the item box and walk into a large plaza where you should spot two statues with a small boat between them. Interact with the boat to access the Training Room.

What To Do In The Training Room

Once in the Training Room, you can use the dummy to try out all of the game’s 14 weapon types. While you will start training with the currently equipped weapon, you are able to switch between weapon types by interacting with the item box found inside. The best thing about the Training Room is that combo prompts are shown on screen as you hit the dummy, making the facility a great one for learning a new weapon, testing new Switch Skill combos, and so on.

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