How to Reach S-Rank Romance in Fire Emblem Engage – Romance Guide


Fire Emblem Engage is an amazing project where you can interact with different characters. You will be able to use their skills, weapons, and items. Also, you will be able to improve your relationships with them. It seems that getting a high relationship rank is quite a problematic thing for many players. So, today we are going to help these users. This guide will tell you how to reach S-Rank romance in Fire Emblem Engage.

Romance and Friendship in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage allows you to recruit various characters. These heroes are able to use different skills and items. Also, your character will be able to build relationships with each other. So, you may want to know how this mechanic works and in this guide, we will help you.

Basically, if you want to improve relationships between certain characters you will need to force them to interact with each other. One of the best ways to increase their support level is to put them next to each other during a fight. However, only Alear can have an S-Rank relationship with other characters.

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How to Reach S-Rank Romance in Fire Emblem Engage

The S-Rank romance in Fire Emblem Engage allows you to build a romantic relationship with a certain character. In order to reach this rank, you will need to give The Pact Ring to the character you’ve chosen. This item allows you to improve your A-Rank relationship and turn it into the S-Rank relationship. If you want to get this ring you will need to reach the end game and complete the Paralogue mission called Connector in Lythos.

Fire Emblem Engage is a cool project and hopefully, this guide will help you to reach S-Rank romance with the character you like. Also, you could check our guide on how to get Yunaka in this game. Good luck with your further adventures and battles in Fire Emblem Engage!

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How to Reach S-Rank Romance in Fire Emblem Engage – Romance Guide


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