How to Reach A Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports, like the original Wii Sports, is a game that players of all skill levels can have fun with, but unlike its glorious predecessor, it is also a game that offers something more for those competitive-minded players that want to show the world they are the best at what they play.

Playing online and getting the Pro Certification is just the beginning if you’re taking Nintendo Switch Sports very seriously, as you will also have to climb the ranks to show the world you are the absolute best.

Here’s how to get to ARank in Nintendo Switch Sports

How to Reach A Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports

Getting to A Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports will be a long and hard journey, as the game’s online mode features a multitude of ranks to go through before you can reach the absolute highest rank available.

After obtaining the Pro License and entering the Pro League, you will start at Rank E, and will have to move through the ranks by winning games to obtain points. The higher the rank is, the more points will be needed to rank up, so you will need both skill and consistency to make it into the top leagues. Additionally, it will take more time to rank up in sports like Tennis, Soccer and Volleyball as matches take longer, and the sports themselves are more complex. Victory will also be determined by team play, so you may have some trouble winning games if you get matched with players who are not as skilled as needed to win consistently.

Below, you will find all of the Ranks and Tiers in Nintendo Switch Sports.

BB- / B – / B+
CC- / C / C+
DD- / D / D+
EE / E+

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How to Reach A Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports


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