How to Quickly Get Elder Kai in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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The hard truth about Elder Kai medals is that there is no easy way to farm them. They are scarcely available throughout the game and you need to put in quite the effort and invest time into farming these to earn a reasonable amount.

What are the Different Ways to Get Elder Kai in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle?

Let’s start off with the relatively unknown, but probably best way of farming Elder Kai medals: Extreme Z Battles. Yep, constantly finishing multiple Extreme Z Battles in a row can be quite the effective way to farm Elder Kais.

These missions literally take about two minutes to do and can give you multiple Elder Kais after every couple of levels. Very quick and effective, which also frequently drop the valuable PHY Elder Kais.

Completing stages are also a decent way to farm Elder Kais, as you get these medals by collecting the gold / purple awakening capsules that drop from various stages.

The Baba Shop will randomly have Elder Kais for sale, so at any given point of time, you’d want to have a bunch of Baba Points saved up—ideally 10k or more—and frequently visit the Baba Shop to try your luck.

World Tournaments, whenever they’re available, act as a great way to farm Elder Kais by accumulating as many tournament points as you can and potentially getting Elder Kai medals as rewards. World Tournament have no limit to the amount of times you can enter, so keep trying to accumulate your total tournament points.

If you log into the game on a daily basis, there is a good chance that you get Elder Kai medals from login bonuses and missions as well.

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How to Quickly Get Elder Kai in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


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