How to Quickly Beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise – Boss Fight Guide


Magnamalo, the fiery Fanged Wyvern and flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise, will give most Hunters a run for their money on their first encounter. No monster is invincible though, and with enough practice, you can become a pro at taking down Magnamalo in a flash. Today, we’ll show you how to quickly beat Magnamalo in our Monster Hunter Rise boss fight guide!

Monster Hunter Rise: Magnamalo Boss Fight Guide

Magnamalo is extremely vulnerable to water. You should make a water weapon if you haven’t already, as this will give you a big advantage during the fight. Magnamalo is also vulnerable to thunder, though not as much as water. Magnamalo is immune to fire and dragon damage, so don’t bother with those elements.

Magnamalo’s exact elemental damage charts.

Before you take on Magnamalo, you should understand its main gimmick, Hellfireblight. Several of Magnamalo’s attacks—mainly the ones that involve purple fire—will inflict you with Hellfireblight upon contact.

If you take damage while Hellfireblight is on you, it has a chance to detonate, which really hurts. You can get rid of Hellfireblight by either jumping around with a Wirebug, rolling repeatedly, or using a Deodorant.

More time spent trying to get around Hellfireblight is less time attacking Magnamalo, so you’ll want to do your best to avoid the hellfire attacks altogether. Watch out for the purple fireballs and the tail lasers, as those are the most common ways to get hit with Hellfireblight.

Magnamalo’s weakest body part is of course its head, so even though it’s pretty scary, you’ll want to aim for it as much as possible. Staying near its frontside is good, because the next weakest body parts are its armblades, so if you’re swinging around its face, you’re bound to hit a weak point.

Arguably the most mechanic to this fight is the hellfire buildup. As you beat up Magnamalo, different parts of its body will begin to emit hellfire vapors.

Attacking these lit parts will make purple sparks fly, and dealing enough damage to them will cause the vapors to explode, which deals massive damage to Magnamalo!

Making the vapors explode is not only a chance for some big damage, but it’s also crucial to your survival. If Magnamalo’s vapors stay on its body for too long, it’ll unleash a large explosion attack that can be deadly!

This is what it looks like when Magnamalo’s body parts are emitting hellfire vapors.

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Again, even though it seems counterintuitive to staying alive, the best way to deal lots of damage to Magnamalo is to be very aggressive and fight it head-on.

Cut the tail if you can, then go for the head, armblades, and forelegs. When you see a body part light up with the hellfire vapors, attack it as much as you can to make it explode!

As long as you’re equipped with a strong water element weapon, and you’re fighting Magnamalo aggressively, you should have no problem taking it down quickly.

That concludes our boss fight guide on how to quickly beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise. If you have any other helpful hunting tips for Magnamalo, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Quickly Beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise – Boss Fight Guide


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