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How to PvP in Warcraft Rumble

How to PvP in Warcraft Rumble
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PvP is one of the staple game modes in strategy and other types of multiplayer games, and Warcraft Rumble is no exception. If you are looking for some PvP content, keep reading our guide as we explain in detail, how to PvP in Warcraft Rumble while going over some other related details that you must know about. 

How to PvP in Warcraft Rumble

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To PvP in Warcraft Rumble, players must keep progressing the PvE content until they have eight Onyxia Sigil. Once they have the required Sigils, they will unlock the PvP option in the main menu. 

From there, players can click on the ‘PvP‘ button to open the PvP menu, where they will find details on the current PvP Season, their top Leaders, details on Honor (the PvP exp points) and two buttons, ‘Back‘ and ‘Rumble.’ The latter one being used for starting PvP matches. 

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To get your journey started with PvP in Warcraft Rumble, you must know about the different modifiers, Towers and maps that are currently live. Check them and then devise a team and plan, and then hop into a PvP match.

Warcraft Rumble PvP Modifiers

Here are the different modifiers that you will find in PvP matches:

  • Clean Fight: Normal matches with no modifiers 
  • Gold Rush: Passive Gold income is doubled
  • Hero’s Resolve: Troops deal double damage on their first attack 
  • Fortifications: Increases Towers resilience

Warcraft Rumble PvP Towers

Here is the list of all Guard Towers you find in any PvP Season on a rotation basis in Warcraft Rumble:

  • Dragon Towers: Single AoE and high close-range damage
  • Guard Towers: Single target towers with fury 
  • Rocket Towers: Towers that unleash long-range AoE bombardment

Warcraft Rumble PvP Ranks List

These are all the Ranks that you can achieve in the PvP mode in Warcraft Rumble:

RanksHonor Range
Bright Spark0-500
Bronze Spark 1500-1000
Bronze Spark 21000-2000
Bronze Spark 32000-3000
Silver Strategist 13000-4000
Silver Strategist 24000-5000
Silver Strategist 35000-6000
Golden General 16000-7000
Golden General 27000-8000
Golden General 38000-9000
Platinum Prodigy 19000-10000
Platinum Prodigy 210000-11000
Platinum Prodigy 311000-12000
Dark Iron Overseer 112000-13000
Dark Iron Overseer 213000-14000
Dark Iron Overseer 314000-15000
Mithril Calcutron15000-16000
Truesilver Tactician16000-17000
Thorium Arcanosmith17000-18000
Truesilver Tactician18000-19000
Arcanite Reaper19000-20000
Arclight Mastermind20000

That concludes our guide on how to PvP in Warcraft Rumble. While you are here, check out our guide on how to get Talents in. For more on the game, keep reading our dedicated Warcraft Rumble section

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How to PvP in Warcraft Rumble