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How to Put Away Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Put Away Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy
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A magic wand is necessary for any mage. It can light the way inside a cave, help defeat hazardous enemies, and come in handy if you want to transform into an animal to hide from others. Even though the Magic Wand is so important, many players complain that their character always keeps the wand in hand in Hogwarts Legacy. By reading this guide, you will learn how to put away your wand in Hogwarts Legacy. 

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How to Hide a Magic Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

The most straightforward mistake most people make is that they run as soon as they equip a Magic Wand. As a result, the character always carries the Wand in hands, which might be annoying even to players with a healthy nervous system.

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The solution for this issue is straightforward. You must stop for a few seconds as you equip a Magic Wand. By doing it, your character will hide a Magic Wand inside the sleeves, and you can enjoy Hogwarts Legacy with free hands.

Can You Bind Hiding a Magic Wand?

At the moment of writing, it is impossible to bind hiding a Magic Wand in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though it would significantly simplify the gameplay, Avalanche Software hasn’t added this function to the game.

However, Hogwarts Legacy is still in early access. Therefore, follow other players and ask developers to add a button for hiding a Magic Wand on Reddit and Twitter. There is a high chance that developers will listen to this request and add this function with a bug-fixing update.

That’s it with putting away a Magic Wand in Hogwarts Legacy. The only way to do it is to stand for a few seconds once you equip the wand. Even though it might look dumb, it’s way better than holding a Wand 24/7. Also, we have a guide on how to get more Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Put Away Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy


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