How to Push Trophies Fast in Clash Royale

How to Push Trophies Fast in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game in which you will fight other players in online duels and earn trophies. This guide will tell you how to Push Trophies Fast.

How to Push Trophies Fast

Trophies are very important in this game. They represent your rating. And also the reward for the battle will depend on the number of your and the enemy’s trophies. The more trophies the enemy has, the more you get when you win. Also, with the accumulation of trophies, you will have new rewards and arenas.

  • First, take breaks, play 4-5 times, and then refresh your mind, especially if you are losing the last battle. It’s like in a casino, you only lose more.
  • Use different decks for different modes. For example, the Ladder deck will not work for the Classic challenge.
  • Use whichever deck you know best. You may not succeed right away, but try to find the best deck for you and improve your skills in playing with it.
  • Do not forget about the function of replaying the battle. When you lose, analyze the match and your actions, it will be very useful to you.
  • Choose the right time to play as players are likely to be busy with school or work during the day. The evening is the best time for a good battle.
  • Even if you get new cards every day, don’t upgrade them. Focus on cards from your best deck and upgrade them only.
  • While matchmaking is fair, sometimes you will encounter high-level players with low trophy rates. It is totally fine, do not get upset.
  • Predict opponent’s decks, memorize the most popular decks and adapt to them.

And the most obvious tip, enjoy the game. Then no defeat will prevent you from rising in the rankings.

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How to Push Trophies Fast in Clash Royale


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