How to Protect Your Team’s Safe in Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars is an extremely engaging game that is made even more so by the different Events that players can take part in. Among these Events, one of the most interesting is Heist, a 3v3 event where players need to destroy the opponent’s safe to win.

While going on the offense seems to be the way to go to win in the Heist Event, you and your teammates should never neglect defense, as leaving your safe open to the opponent’s assault will make you lose matches rather quickkly.

Here are some quick tips to shore up your defenses and better protect the safe in Brawl Stars’ Heist.

How to Protect Your Team’s Safe in Brawl Stars

Heist in Brawl Stars is all about going on the offensive, but, as already mentioned, you don’t want to neglect defending your own safe as well, as it could be destroyed rather quickly if it has low health and if the opponent’s team comprises of strong Brawlers that can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

For starters, you will need to pay attention to your team’s composition to strike a good balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. While picking Brawlers that can, for example, attack through walls, may seem like a good idea, you will want to get some more balanced Bralwers into your team, such as throwing Brawlers. These Brawlers may not seem all that good for defense, but they can be quite versatile, and they can provide excellent support for both defense and offense with proper positioning.

Sharpshooters like Rico and Colt also work great to defend the safe, as they have amazing range and can quickly go after opponents that have managed to reach it without having to get close to them like melee-focused brawlers. Characters that can pressure the opponent, like Meg and Bibi, also work amazingly well on defense, especially Meg with the mecha that she can summon with her first super.

No matter your team composition, which can lead to different offensive and defensive strategies, the most important thing to remember while defending the safe in Brawl Stars’ Heist is to never hold back. If any defending Brawler has charged a super, use it as soon as it is needed. Repelling attacks is just as important as attacking the opponent’s safe, and a held back super may end up never being used, if the opponent manages to destroy yours!

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How to Protect Your Team’s Safe in Brawl Stars


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