How to Promote Officers in Star Trek Fleet Command

How to Promote Officers in Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command is a fantastic space strategy game. Players build their ships, recruit crews, join alliances and fight each other. One of the most important things that affect your power is your crew. And in this guide, we’ll show you how you can promote your Officers.

How to Promote Officers

In Star Trek Fleet Command, you can level up your officer, however, there is a max level cap. To continue developing an officer, you need to promote it. In other words, you can raise the rank of an officer using officer XP for this. So you can upgrade the officer, even with the maximum level.

But for the officer to become available for advancement, you need to find the required number of fragments of this officer. You will also need a certain amount of Officer XP and Credits.

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To do this, click on the required officer and select the Promote tab on the right. You will see how many XP and credits are required, as well as how much the officer’s stats will improve. However, after a few promotions, you will need new items to pay for this. These are called Badges and differ depending on the type of officer. There are three badges in total:

  • Command Badges
  • Engineering Badges
  • Science Badges

To get them, you can attack the ships of other players. However, this is a rather dangerous way. Fortunately, you can purchase them from the faction store. Every second loyalty pack will contain one Badge of each type.

That’s all you needed to know about how to promote officers.

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How to Promote Officers in Star Trek Fleet Command


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