How to Promote Characters in Deep Rock Galactic


Deep Rock Galactic is an exciting multiplayer shooter that allows you to play space dwarves. There are four different classes that are able to perform different roles and you can upgrade each of them. After you earn the max level you will get an opportunity to promote your character. However, this mechanic seems to be confusing for some players. So, this guide will tell you how to promote characters in Deep Rock Galactic.

What is Promotion in Deep Rock Galactic?

Deep Rock Galactic has four different classes that you can play. In order to make all of these characters stronger, you will have to level them up and the max level you can earn is 25. After that, you will be able to promote your dwarf and this is quite an interesting mechanic.

Basically, promotion in Deep Rock Galactic is some kind of prestige. You are able to promote your dwarf when he earns 25 levels. So, there are lots of these prestige ranks that you can obtain even after your character reaches the max level and you may want to know how to earn all of them.

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How to Promote Characters in Deep Rock Galactic

In order to promote your character in Deep Rock Galactic, you will need to earn level 25. After that, you will get four special promotion assignments that you will have to complete. These tasks are unique for each class and you will need to go to the Promotion terminal in the Memorial Hall when you deal with all four missions. So, you will be able to pay with your credits and minerals to promote your dwarf.

There are lots of promotion levels that you can earn in this game and you will need to spend your time and many resources to get all of them. So, good luck with your adventures in Deep Rock Galactic!

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How to Promote Characters in Deep Rock Galactic


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