How to Play the Serpent Rogue – Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners

The Serpent Rogue Combat Guide and Tips

While the Serpent Rogue is a pretty interesting game, it has many mechanics. Therefore, it may be quite hard for beginners to understand the game and don’t do mistakes from scratch. So, here is the complete guide for Beginners in the Serpent Rogue.

Tips for Beginners in the Serpent Rogue

These tips will include every section of the game to make them the most effective for you. Let’s start!

  1. Drop your items when your inventory is full. It’s the trick that allows you to increase your inventory. However, do not leave your items at well-visited locations. Any NPC can pick up them and you will be the loser. Find a quiet place and put your items here to make your inventory bigger. Also, you can make inventory bigger by putting them in restrooms, that have chests with up to 1000 slots for you.
  2. Skip the time. And here are the 2 ways. You can use your rest to wait out adverse occurrences that may kill you, or just when you have nothing to do. However, be careful, sleeping uses a lot of food. So, if you do have not many resources, use the second way. Open the map and hold the F key to wait, but it uses a lot of time.
  3. Use fast travel in The Serpent Rogue. Fast traveling is the best way to travel around the map. So, use this way if it’s possible.
  4. Farm money and recruit the follower. The follower will keep going with you through the all map and will obtain the rare items and resources for you. So, if you like wandering around the map and playing a lot, buy the follower and it will bring you profit soon.

So, that’s all with tips for the Serpent Rogue now, hope you found them useful!

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How to Play the Serpent Rogue – Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners


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