How to Play Scythe in Brawlhalla – Guide and Tips


Brawlhalla is an incredibly fun fighting game available for all gaming platforms. Players can fight each other in different arenas. They can play as a team with friends in 4v4 mode or find out who is the strongest in 1v4 mode. Also, in addition to the classic battles, you can play in competitive modes such as capture the flag or basketball. And in this guide, we will tell you how to play Scythe.

How to Play Scythe in Brawlhalla

The Scythe is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It is also unique because players can use active inputs. After you hit the enemy, you can complete the attack in different ways by holding different directional keys. Moreover, this weapon can do grappling attacks.

However, Scythe is very difficult to play, because it only has a few combos, which are not always effective. And also because you can make different strings with this weapon. But learning to play with the Scythe takes a lot of practice.

First, you need to practice a lot with different players. The more you play with Scythe, the better your skills will become. Also, practice is needed because for playing Scythe, you have to read the opponent.

Each player has his own playing style and pattern of behavior. So, you need to learn to anticipate the next actions of the enemy, especially Dodges. In Brawlhalla, players can dodge in 9 different ways, so, without practice, it is difficult to guess which one the opponent will choose.

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However, as we said, all players are different, so you also need quickly adapt to the actions of the enemy. This can only be achieved by playing a lot of matches. Thus, by practicing and analyzing the actions of enemies, you can effectively play with Scythe. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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How to Play Scythe in Brawlhalla – Guide and Tips


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