How to Beat and Counter Spammers in Brawlhalla


The players of Brawlhalla may need to play against a massive amount of spammers with all colors of the spam spectrum. Sometimes they are everywhere!

Do you want to know how to beat and counter them? Do you want to stop them from spamming? Great! We have prepared a detailed guide covering all the options the players have to defeat spammers. Keep reading, not to miss a thing!

Beating and Countering Spammers in Brawlhalla

We have gathered the recommendations based on the actions of the spammers you face. 

  1. Most of the sig spammers should be punished. If you are on the map with a flat platform, it is recommended to be much in the air or on the walls to make them panic. Or you may abuse the dash and run away, punishing him with a sig afterward or performing a light attack.
  2. Another option is to hit all the buttons hoping for the best.
  3. Also, it is possible to take advantage of the platforms. Get on top and then perform a drop-down. Moreover, it would help if you just pretended to drop down while they were doing sig!
  4. We want to highlight that if the players use Lance and Schythe, they cannot be considered spammers. It is just a weapon available for players. Moreover, one should be pretty skilled in using it!

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So, now you know the correct approach to beating and countering spammers in the game. Keep playing Browlhalla, follow our pieces of advice to stop spamming, and enjoy the game! Have fun!

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How to Beat and Counter Spammers in Brawlhalla


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