How to Play Robocraft With a Friend on the Same Team

How to Play Robocraft With a Friend on the Same Team

This project is more than 8 years old, but the developers are constantly improving the work, adding new features and supporting the community in every possible way with interesting content. Let’s take a look at how to play Robocraft with a friend, as multiplayer and co-op will turn the game into something incredibly dynamic.

Robocraft Guide: How to Play With a Friend? Co-op Playthrough in Multiplayer

How to Play Robocraft With a Friend on the Same Team

First, you need to create your own platoon (“Platun” in local terminology). Press the L button, and then move to the “Community” tab. The game is supposed to be in your Steam library.

This will allow you to immediately make a connection, become a server, or join a player of interest as a client. If the build is unofficial, you will have to look for server emulation. There are quite a few applications like Hamachi where the functionality is available, but we recommend supporting developers with a small penny.

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The maximum number of a platoon is up to three fighters inclusive. It is recommended for the creator to have an active Premium account, as it simplifies the connection and provides better connection speed. This means that the signal delay is reduced to a minimum.

To directly add someone to the squad, enter a nickname or select it from among those available in the “Community” if you have already played together before. It is better to form a Friend-list in advance, as this will simplify the connection in the future. All gamers must start the match at the same time, otherwise an error may occur.

Ready! Now you can finish the game together with your friends. Do you have any other questions about Robocraft? Write them in the comments section below, and good luck!

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How to Play Robocraft With a Friend on the Same Team


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