How to Play Roblox Poppy Playtime – Walkthrough Guide, Tips, Cheats

How to Play Roblox Poppy Playtime - Walkthrough Guide

Poppy Playtime is a new horror mode in Roblox that was created based on the popular steam game “Poppy Playtime.” In it, you will have to explore a toy factory where all the employees once disappeared. The mysterious story is shrouded in a dark mystery where you have to figure everything out.

The Plot of Poppy Playtime

You play as a former employee of the Playtime company who wants to understand the reason for the disappearance of all the employees of the toy factory.

Playtime was famous for its revolutionary toys. Take, for example, toy hands that were supposed to help employees in their work, but at the same time, they were very dangerous, as they could easily tear off a person’s head. More recently, the company has developed a Poppy doll that has real artificial intelligence and can communicate with children.

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Poppy Playtime Walkthrough Guide

As soon as you get to the factory, you are greeted by a huge Huggy Wuggy toy that peacefully stands in the middle of the hall meeting everyone and everyone. It gives you the key to going deeper into the factory. But why should it help you?

You find toy hands that help you explore the plant and search for videotapes with records that reveal the secrets of the plant.

As you progress through, you will learn more and more about the company and its experiments on people. It looks like they wanted to create a human-toy hybrid in order to gain immortality. And one of those failed experiments was Huggy Wuggi, a soft toy-human hybrid.

This monster, guided by the artificial intelligence of the Poppy doll, guides you deep into the factory, chasing you through the vents. And at the very end, you find a Poppy doll that was locked in a box and release it to find out what really happened.

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How to Play Roblox Poppy Playtime – Walkthrough Guide, Tips, Cheats


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