How to Play Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Beginner Guide, Tips, and Cheats


This mode is a story in which there is a murderer among the players. Something similar can be found in the game Among Us, but here everything is a little different. In this guide, we will tell you how to play Murder Mystery 2.

Murder Mystery 2 Guide and Tips

The game starts with you as a normal player, however, over time the game randomly selects one murderer. After the murderer is chosen, you need to understand who this person is. If you are a regular player, then the task is to find the murderer and kill him yourself so that he does not continue his killings. If you are a murderer, then you need to try to kill as many people as possible, while not showing that you are a murderer.

The mode cannot be called “One of,” because it is unique in its own way. The most important uniqueness is that you play with other players and try to figure out who is the killer among all the players.

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The game starts on a fairly large map, so the murderer will have the opportunity to fight players anywhere on the map. If you want your character to survive, then you need to act wisely and constantly monitor the movement of other players so as not to run into a real killer. So you really can win in such a difficult mode.

Although the phrase “Murderer” is used here, this game is also suitable for children. The main thing here is to act reasonably, and not kill all your comrades. Therefore, even a child can play it.

The game also has an in-game store where each player can make various purchases. You can buy items in two currencies: coins and diamonds. Coins are a currency that can be earned through the game, which is quite simple. Diamonds are a currency that must be bought with real money. During the game, you can earn coins, so that later you can buy various knives, items, weapons, and more. Thus, you can easily earn the weapons you need to kill other players if you are a murderer, or fight off the killer.

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How to Play Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Beginner Guide, Tips, and Cheats


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