How to Play Roblox Kitty Guide, Tips, and Cheats

How to Play Roblox Kitty Guide, Tips, and Cheats

In recent years, modes have begun to appear in Roblox where players have to run away from a maniac. Such modes are gaining popularity among players of all ages. One such mode is Roblox Kitty, and in this guide, we will tell you how to play it.

Roblox Kitty Guide and Tips

We are immediately presented with two sides: good and evil. On the good side are mice who are trying to survive in harsh conditions. They are constantly attacked by evil in the form of Kitty. Kitty is an evil cat who wants to exterminate all mice without leaving a single victim alive.

This mode forces players to choose two sides. They will play as mice and try to survive, or they will have to play as a cat, being a maniac. This mode strongly resembles the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry, where the situation was exactly the same.

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The mode has several features. Firstly, players not only need to look for a way out, but perform a lot of actions to do so. One of the most important tasks is to open locked doors. To do this, you need to look for keys, and this search takes a decent amount of time. Once you’ve found the keys, you can use them to your liking while trying to open the door you need.

The maniac, in turn, has a weapon with which they will catch their victims. In Kitty’s case, this is an object that resembles a hammer. Moreover, the mice will not be able to make a mistake, because they will die after the first blow from the cat. Therefore, you will have to try hard not to lose to this difficult but interesting opponent.

Can Children Play Roblox Kitty?

Almost all modes in Roblox are aimed at a young audience. This means that this mode is really made so that children can play it. There is no violence or forbidden scenes. You can safely allow your children to play this game, or play on your own. The developers have tried to make this mode soft and cruel at the same time, and they did it really well.

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How to Play Roblox Kitty Guide, Tips, and Cheats


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