How to Play Roblox Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes – Guide, Tips, Cheats

How to Play Roblox Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes - Guide, Tips, Cheats

Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes is one of the best Roblox slayer gamers. In it, you can create your own character, customize its appearance and go to a big world filled with humanoid demons. You will need to complete orders from local residents, kill demons and upgrade your character.

Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes Guide and Tips

First of all, you need to switch to Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes. Then you have to create and customize your character. You can make him a brutal macho or a dark-skinned strong man. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.

The game is controlled using the following keys. Don’t forget that without a weapon you can’t attack (you need to pick up a sword at the very beginning).

Use not only attacking but also defensive techniques. Combine attacks and block damage, only in this way you will become a skilled warrior. Also, don’t forget to watch your stamina bar, because when it is completely depleted, you won’t be able to attack.

  • Upgrade your character by increasing its stats and unlocking new abilities.
  • Complete quests of local residents and get valuable rewards for it.

The game is not simple and to comprehend all the nuances you need to play it for at least a few hours. Here are the main keys that will be useful to you during the game.

  • Q = Dash
  • V = Transfer Player
  • B = Execute player
  • M = Menu

How to Become a Demon in Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes

You can play in this mode not only as a demon-slaying warrior but also as a human-hunting demon. In order to become a demon, you need a player who is a demon to give you his blood.

How to become a Slayer in Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes

To become a slayer, you need to pass the final selection.

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How to Play Roblox Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes – Guide, Tips, Cheats


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