Creatures of Sonaria Guide is a very colorful and interesting mode where you will need to play as some creature of your choice. It will be possible to buy the creatures you like, trade them with other players, develop them and explore the colorful world.

How to Play Creatures of Sonaria in Roblox Guide

In order to start playing Creatures of Sonaria, you need to enter this mode and select any creature from those offered at the beginning of the game. After that, you will appear in a colorful world in which you have to survive and develop. To do this, first of all, you need to study information about your creature, what it eats (herbivore or predator), what type it is (water, air), and other characteristics. All information about the creature can be found on a special menu.

In the game itself, you will need to monitor the indications of hunger and thirst. This information can be found in the interface at the bottom left. You can also find out the age of the creature there. During the game, you will find and accumulate mushrooms that you will need to buy new creatures.

How to Buy a Creature in Creatures of Sonaria

There are two main ways to get new creatures in the game, this is buying them for mushrooms and trading with other players.

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Purchase for Mushrooms

In order to buy a creature for mushrooms, you need to open the “Buy Creatures” tab. After that, vending machines will appear in front of you in which random eggs of creatures of different classes will lie. 

Trade With Other Players

In order to start trading creatures with other players, you need to enter the “World of Trade.” You will find yourself in a special room filled with other players who, just like you, came here to trade creatures. Write messages and suggestions in the chat about what kind of creature you have and what you would like to get.

Creatures of Sonaria is a very interesting mode in which you will need to develop and survive in a beautiful, but dangerous and realistic world. It has seasons, all kinds of improvements, and development. You can always find something to do and have a great time.

Codes for Creatures of Sonaria

Here is a list of all current Codes for Creatures of Sonaria:

  • There are no active codes yet!

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How to Play Roblox Creatures of Sonaria Beginner Guide: Tips and Cheats


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