The game task consists of two parts. First, you need to build a boat, and it will be very difficult for beginners to figure out how to do it. As soon as the boat is ready, you will have to urgently rush in search of treasures hidden on the map.

Water in the game is the main enemy, which will constantly try to destroy the player in different ways. And the player, in turn, must go as far as possible on the map. For the maximum distance traveled, he will receive a prize at the end.

In addition to water, there are enough obstacles. Special “Rooms” now and then strive to sink a defenseless boat. “Rooms” is just a gaming term, but in reality, the threat could come from huge clocks, shipwrecks, or something like that. And everything is trying to touch the boat at least on the edge, which will immediately destroy it.

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Boats Guide in Roblox Build A Boat For Treasure

From improvised materials, you can create any, even the most incredible ship of your dreams.

This can be a raft, a boat, a ship, or a floating castle set off to meet obstacles. In short, this can be everything that came into the head of the creator of the map. To help you complete tasks in the game, special blocks are provided.

Instructions Before You Start

Despite the apparent simplicity, it is not so easy to go through the map and win. And it’s also unlikely that you will be able to the nuances of playing the game for the first time. Really, how do you build a boat when you start with only 10 coins, a couple of wooden blocks, and a chair?

Therefore, before starting the game, the user is invited to take a short tutorial, which explains how to place, add and remove items, as well as build a ship. But even the instructions are unlikely to help you figure everything out right away. Therefore, some practical advice for beginners is below:

  1. To purchase materials for building a boat, go to the “Purchases” section.
  2. Buy 2 chests containing a random set of items.
  3. Create a ship using the “pick” pointer.
  4. Be sure to install a chair on the boat, otherwise, the character will be overboard in the first minutes.

This is the main thing, the rest you will understand during the game. At worst, you can go to YouTube for the advice of experienced players. There are definitely a bunch of vids on this game.

And the last thing. Roblox, after all, is an online application, so you can play in groups. Good luck!

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How to Play Roblox Build A Boat For Treasure – Guide, Tips, and Cheats


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