How to Play Raid Weekends Guide in Clash of Clans


A new update in Clash of Clans brings the new clan event that is called Capital Raids. This raid is available only at a certain time that is called Raid Weekends. However, there are some tips on how to play raid weekends the most effectively. Let’s find out!

Raid Weekends Tips in Clash of Clans

Every clan has its own rules on raid weekends. People share their obligations and plan attacks together. So, before starting to participate, you need to ask the clan leader about the rules that there are. Despite this, some useful tips allow you to participate more effectively.

Earn one Bonus Attack

This attack is given to you by finishing the district with 3 stars. Even if you start your attack off from 95% and reach the last 5 percent, you will get one additional attack.

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Rebuild and Update Army Camps

The logic is simple: the more you update your camps, the more army capacity you have. Extremely effective is rebuilding the ruins, which costs 10,000 coins and increases your capacity by 30.

Use Creative Base

Most people are well-trained in defeating default bases. So, using your own base is a necessary part of the raid weekends. If you have no idea about how to do the base, find some at the forums or on YouTube.

Train a Lot Before the Attack

If you want to stay in a good clan, you have to attack effectively. And the best way is to train as much as possible. Also, it will be good for you if you watch some professional players’ battles and learn how to play.

That is all about participating in Raid Weekends. Hope you will enjoy this mode!

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How to Play Raid Weekends Guide in Clash of Clans


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