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How to Play Multiplayer in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising

Here is everything you need to know about multiplayer modes in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising.

Samurais, ninjas, sumo wrestlers, and zombies—everything you could ever want in a hack and slash action game, and Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is here to answer the call. The walking dead have appeared in Edo period Japan, and you must cut them down with sharpened steel. The only way this could get any better is with friends, so here is everything you need to know about how to play multiplayer in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising.

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Can you play multiplayer in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising?

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is a roguelike action game where players take control of different warriors as they fight their way through randomly generated levels. With plenty of secret techniques and charms to use, there are tons of different ways to handle the dead. The zombie horde grows with each level, so having a buddy to watch your back would be nice.

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Unfortunately, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising does not support multiplayer in any form. That means no co-op play, no local play, and no online play. This seems like the perfect kind of game to play with friends, but sadly it was not meant to be.

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The developers are very active on the Steam discussion boards for the game, and they answer most player questions. Of course, some players have already asked about whether co-op play is a planned feature, but the developers have said that the game is strictly single-player for the time being. You can see their responses on various posts, like this one.

For the record, the developers have also said that they would like to “consider” co-op play. What that means exactly is up in the air, but hopefully it means they will plan for it to be a future update at some point during the game’s lifespan.

If you were looking forward to some zombie slaying action with a buddy, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a while for the developers to add that mode in. Keep an eye on the Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Steam page for all the latest updates straight from the developer.

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How to Play Multiplayer in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising