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All Weapons in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising

All Weapons in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising
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Slice and dice your way through Edo period Japan in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, a hack and slash action roguelike game. Zombies are the ultimate video game fodder enemy, and most games give you fun tools of destruction to maim, decimate, obliterate, and outright destroy zombies, and Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is no different. Want a preview of all the ways you can chop up zombies? Here are all weapons in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising.

All character weapons in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising

There are three playable characters in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, and you start the game out with Mumyo the Samurai. After progressing enough through the game, you unlock two more characters: Matoka and Raiden.

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Each character comes equipped with their signature weapon, and you cannot change or unlock any additional weapons, so we’ll go over the details of each character’s weapon.

Mumyo the Samurai’s weapon: Katana

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Mumyo is a mysterious samurai who shows up in Kuku Village one day. Well-trained in the ways of the samurai, Mumyo wields the iconic katana, the samurai weapon of choice.

Since Mumyo is the first character you play as in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, he is the most balanced of all characters. With his katana, Mumyo offers a perfectly balanced mix of offense and defense. He can slice through zombies easily with strong and quick attacks, while being fleet-footed enough to dodge counterattacks.

His secret techniques are all katana focused, offering different ways to slice up zombies. He also has access to a number of techniques that grant more utility, such as attack boosts and zen recovery.

Matoka the Ninja’s weapon: Ninjato

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Matoka is a swift and agile ninja who can cut down zombies with lightning-fast speed. Her weapon of choice is the ninjato, which is basically a shorter katana. Because of its lightweight and smaller form factor, Matoka can attack swiftly with it.

In terms of gameplay, Matoka is easily the most agile character of the three. Although she can attack rapidly and stay out of harm’s way easily, her basic attacks do not deal that much damage; she’ll need to attack relentlessly to deal significant damage.

Her secret techniques utilize more of her ninja toolkit, while also tapping into elemental ninjutsu abilities. Using techniques like Earth Jutsu and Fire Jutsu, she can control the battlefield and stay one step ahead of her foes.

Raiden the Sumo Wrestler’s weapon: Sumo

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Raiden is the strongest sumo wrestler in the world, and now that he is facing off against the undead legion, he can use forbidden sumo techniques that can actually kill.

While lacking mobility, Raiden makes up for it with raw strength. He can charge up his heavy attacks to unleash deadly punches or jump into the air and sumo slam the area beneath him.

His secret techniques are easily the most unique of the three, as he can grab zombies and throw them around like rag dolls, or simply crush them under the weight of his immense power.

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All Weapons in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising