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How to Play Midnight Ghost Hunt Guide – All Platforms, Crossplay, Player Count, and Is It Steam Deck Compatible?

This is how to play the multiplayer Midnight Ghost Hunt.

If you’ve got some friends who have the stomach for games like Phasmophobia and Dead By Daylight, you’re definitely going to want to add Midnight Ghost Hunt to your rotation. In this game, you and a group take on the role of ghost hunters where you eliminate them Ghostbusters-style. On the flip side, you can also play a ghost who makes things inconvenient for the hunters. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a fun time. This is how to play Midnight Ghost Hunt.

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Everything You Need To Know About Midnight Ghost Hunt

Right now, the game can only be played on PC, so you have to get it from Steam or the Epic Games store. Since it’s only available this way, there is currently no way to crossplay. The game is still in its early access stage, so it’s a possibility that it will expand to consoles when the full-access version comes out. As of right now, the game is not supported on Steam Deck.

How To Play Midnight Ghost Hunt

A hunter in Midnight Ghost Hunt.
Trailer screenshot by Touch Tap Play.

The maximum number of people who can be on a team is four. Teams battle against one another, so with the four versus four, eight people in total can play. All of the hunters will be one team and the ghosts will be the other. Hunters is basically Ghostbusters Simulator, where you get to use various gadgets to locate and catch your enemies. For the real fun though, aspire to be a ghost.

How To Play As A Ghost In Midnight Ghost Hunt

The ghost team can use their powers to defy physics and hide in places the hunters can’t see. However, party time for the ghosts begins when it becomes night, when their powers spike, and suddenly the hunters are helplessly overwhelmed. Ghosts can use their powers of moving objects and invisibility to terrorize the hunters.

They can even take on the appearance of other hunters in order to fool their enemies. Both teams must use the power of strategy and communication to thwart their enemies. This is a great game for a large group of power who want to play together.

You can terrorize or be terrorized today in Midnight Ghost Hunt!

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How to Play Midnight Ghost Hunt Guide – All Platforms, Crossplay, Player Count, and Is It Steam Deck Compatible?