How to Play Keplerth – Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners

How to Play Keplerth - Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners

Keplerth is a classical survival sandbox game. In Keplerth, you have to earn resources, tame animals, build your survival base, and craft special items. Also, the game provides an endless world, which makes your game much harder. Therefore, it might be quite hard to find out how to play effectively. By reading this guide you will understand this. Let’s start!

Tips for Playing Keplerth

These tips will be extremely helpful for you. Especially if you are a beginner. However, if you have some experience in playing sandbox games or Keplerth, these tips will be useless for you. So, let’s start!

Get Food 

Food is one of the necessities in the Keplerth. Unfortunately, the food in this game is used very actively. Therefore, sometimes you need to focus your game on getting food. It is recommended to focus on getting cherries from cherry bushes and meat from animals.

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Also, there is a possibility to get the seeds of cherry bush and plant them near your base. It is extremely effective. So, you need to do it.

Build Doors and Walls

Building doors and walls are the best way to defend your base. The point is that most enemies do not attack them to get to you. Once they lose you from their site, they will just wander around the area where they have seen you last time. You can use it and build small block posts near your base. Do not undervalue this.

Save Resources 

To be honest, resources in the Keplerth are quite hard to get. Even if it is a simple metal, you have to value it. Also, use your hand when it is possible to increase your tools’ durability. It might sound strange, but it is really helpful.

So, that is all with Keplerth. Hope you consider this guide valuable.

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How to Play Keplerth – Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners


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