Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush, like every other Mario sports game released so far, is mostly geared toward multiplayer, but this doesn’t mean that the game’s single-player modes are lacking. Alongside the ability to play multiplayer modes against AI-controlled opponents, Mario Golf: Super Rush features a big single-player campaign called Golf Adventure where you will be able to create your own custom Mii and set out to become a true Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Here’s everything you need to know to play Golf Adventure Mode.

How to Play Golf Adventure Mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Golf Adventure mode is Mario Golf: Super Rush primary single-player mode, and a play mode that all those new to the series should play before anything else. This adventure mode, which allows you to create and customize their Mii character, is great at teaching the game’s basic and advanced mechanics, effectively turning you into a much better player as you clear challenges.

Golf Adventure mode is also great for veterans of the series as well, since it involves completing a variety of challenges that play like other play modes like Speed Golf and Battle Golf. So, no matter your level of expertise, you should definitely play Golf Adventure as soon as you can.


Playing Golf Adventure is also a very quick way to unlock the game’s main six courses, as completing all the challenges in a course in Golf Adventure will unlock it for other play modes. All courses are extremely varied, featuring different enemies and hazards, so you definitely want to unlock all of them as quickly as possible to make Mario Golf: Super Rush way more enjoyable.


While most of the challenges found in Golf Adventure mode mimic the other Mario Golf: Super Rush play modes, there are some exclusive challenges that can only be experienced in this single-player mode: boss battles. In these special stages, you will be fighting against all sorts of powerful enemies that must be taken down with your shots. Depending on how you have leveled up your Mii, you will have to employ different strategies to win, something that makes these challenges the highlight of Golf Adventure mode.

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