Home Game Guides How to Play Frank in Brawl Stars: Stats, Powers, Gadgets, and More

How to Play Frank in Brawl Stars: Stats, Powers, Gadgets, and More

How to Play Frank in Brawl Stars: Stats, Powers, Gadgets, and More

Brawl Stars is one of the most interesting games for mobile devices and there are lots of different characters that you can play. One of them is named Frank and you may want to learn more information about his Powers, Abilities, and Gadgets. So, today we are going to help you to improve your skill in this game. This guide will tell you how to play Frank in Brawl Stars.

Who is Frank in Brawl Stars

Frank in Brawl Stars is an Epic Brawler that belongs to the Tank class. He is quite tough and his abilities allow him to attack opponents from a decent range. Frank has a huge amount of health and his damage from abilities and attacks is big. However, his attack speed is relatively low and the shockwaves that he sends are quite easy to dodge.

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Frank Skills in Brawls Stars

Frank in Brawl Stars has a powerful trait that allows him to charge his Super Skill when he takes damage from another Brawler. His attack is called Hammer Hit and it sends a huge shock wave in a designated direction. It is relatively easy to dodge but deals a huge amount of AoE damage.

Stunning Blow is Frank’s Super Skill and it works the same way his attack does. The only difference is that it takes some time to charge this ability and it is able to destroy walls and stun opponents.

Frank Gadgets in Brawl Stars

Frank has a couple of Gadgets that will be very useful in your matches. The first one is called Active Noise Cancelling and it makes your character immune to stuns, slows, knockbacks, and Otis’ control effect. The second Gadget is Irresistible Attraction and it allows you to pull your opponents with your attacks.

Frank Star Powers in Brawl Stars

This Brawler has two Star Powers. The first one is called Power Grab and it allows Frank to increase his damage by 50% when he kills an opponent. The second power is Sponge and it increases Frank’s HP by 1100 points. So, he seems like a really tough fighter with lots of health and damaging skills.

Frank Strategy in Brawl Stars

Frank in Brawls Stars is a great fighter and if you play him you shouldn’t be afraid to attack your opponents’ position. He is able to deal a huge amount of AoE damage and his HP allows him to take lots of hits. So, go forward and defeat your opponents with your heavy attacks! Good luck in your further battles and matches in Brawl Stars!

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How to Play Frank in Brawl Stars: Stats, Powers, Gadgets, and More


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