How to Play Floppy Knights – Guide, Tips, and Tricks

How to Play Floppy Knights - Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Floppy Knights is one of the newest RPG games. This game has simple gameplay, even a child will understand what to do. However, try to use some tips and tricks to speed up your progress. Also, using them will make your game easier. If you want to know these tips, read the guide!

Helpful Tips for Floppy Knights

These tips might sound obvious, but it is ok. If you read the guide, you will learn something new about the game. So, let’s start!

Skip Scenes 

To be honest, the story part is not the best chapter of Floppy Knight. Also, it will definitely take you a large amount of time to read all the scenes. So, hold A to skip them. 

Follow to Level Goal

At the start of each map, there will be presented goals for you. These missions include killing certain enemies. You need to read them before fighting. Of course, you will be rewarded with additional gold and cards for completing them.

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Do Not Replay Missions

There is no reason to complete a mission more than once. If you skipped a secondary objective or have not completed a level at 3 stars, do not worry. It will not affect your game. So, continue playing without stopping.

Focus on the Game

It is the simplest but the most effective advice. While playing the Floppy Knights you need to act fast and change game mode between attack, balance and defending. So, before starting to play, make sure that nothing will interrupt you during the game.

Try to Use the Defence Strategy

Defense is the best option to win the fight. Try to learn how to play in defense mode from the scratch. This strategy works well against any enemy despite him playing in attack or in defense too.

So, that is all with tips for Floppy Knights. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Play Floppy Knights – Guide, Tips, and Tricks


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