How to Play Echoes of Mana – Guide, Tips, and Cheats for Beginners

What Is the Echoes of Mana Release Date?

Echoes of Mana is a new role-playing game in the Mana Echoes series that today has become available to download and play on mobile devices. Many fans of the series have been looking forward to the release of a new game in the Mana series, and the day has come. Now you can visit the Play Market or AppStore, download the game, and enjoy the gameplay on your mobile device. In today’s article, we will tell you how to play Echoes of Mana and share useful tips for beginners.

How to Play Echoes of Mana

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose between two characters, Quilto (male) or Quilta (female). The character’s name will remain the same, but you can add a nickname to the character.

Once you have chosen a character and given them a nickname, a series of tutorials will begin that will introduce you to the game’s combat system and the main aspects of gameplay. In parallel with the training, you will watch cut scenes that will tell you about the history of the Echoes of Mana world.

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Battle System Echoes of Mana

  • During the battle, you will move around the 2D plane, being able to move up, down, right, and left.
  • To attack, you need to use the button with the sword, which is located at the bottom right. There is a smaller button next to it that is designed to dodge.
  • When you have more characters, you will have the opportunity to take six additional characters with you into battle. But you can only use three at a time.
  • During the battle, you can switch between active characters by selecting the one you need on the left side of the screen.
  • Each character has two special skills, thanks to which they can help their team. While using the Special Technique, you will consume the ST gauge, and to use the Support Skill, you will need magical MP points.

Quest Mode in Echoes of Mana

One of the most important modes in the game is the quest mode. In this mode, your hero will seek to find the sword of mana, and at the same time, they will learn new details of the plot and history of the world of Echoes of Mana.

Each chapter of the quest mode is unique and consists of 3 main components: story, quests, and battles.

How to Get More Characters in Echoes of Mana

  • Echoes of Mana is a gacha game, so getting the characters you want will take a lot of time. The summon of characters in the game is called harvest.
  • To summon new characters, you need to use Spirit Crystals. You can summon characters one by one or use x10 summon mode.
  • Always collect 10 Spirit Crystals to use x10 Summon, as every 10th summon you can get rare items and characters.

Tips to Play Echoes of Mana

  • Every time you harvest, you get trading points. Always collect enough points to purchase a 4-star character. Don’t spend Trade Points on anything else.
  • During the battle, you physically cannot control three active characters at the same time. During your inactivity, AI will control the characters. Don’t forget to press the Change Strategy button on your character’s status screen. Thanks to this, you can order the characters to attack enemies or heal you.
  • You can equip your character. Try to use equipment from the same set to get additional bonuses.
  • You should always have multiple copies of the same character, as some special upgrades require the use of the same characters or the same character rarity.
  • Try to choose a few main characters and upgrade them. You should not try to improve all the characters that you have, in which case you will not upgrade any of them.

Of course, this is not all you need to know about the game, but these are the most important things that beginners need to know to get started. Therefore, after reading our article, you can safely start playing. You can also get acquainted with other guides on our website, in which we will describe in more detail certain aspects of the game.

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How to Play Echoes of Mana – Guide, Tips, and Cheats for Beginners


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