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How to Play Chess with ChatGPT

How to Play Chess with ChatGPT

Have you ever wished to have a chess partner who could help you improve your game, offer strategic insights, and even adapt to your playing style? Now you can.

Many people have been using ChatGPT to get answers to their questions, but it can do much more than answer them. It even allows you to play chess against a computer opponent that’s challenging, responsive, and intuitive. In this guide, you can find all the info on how to get started and play chess with ChatGPT.

Guide to playing chess with ChatGPT

When it comes to playing chess with ChatGPT, you can try a couple of different methods. One option is to use a dedicated bot called ChessGPT, available on the popular chess website chess.com. This bot is designed to play chess with you and generate human-like responses to your moves, providing a challenging opponent for players of all levels.

Alternatively, you can play chess with ChatGPT by simply telling it your moves and letting it respond. This method can be more interactive, as you communicate directly with the AI and move chess pieces on both sides of the board. Here is a little more on each option.

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1. ChessGPT

Image via chess.com

By visiting chess.com, you can play against a computer bot called ChessGPT. On the chess.com website, you can play online chess against many AI bots, and that now includes a bot based on ChatGPT. The bot’s responses are not taken entirely from ChatGPT, but it works as a great practicing partner.

2. Playing with ChatGPT

Image via TouchTapPlay

Alternatively, you can go to chat.openai.com and ask ChatGPT to play a chess game with you. To play as white, simply tell ChatGPT you will start and give it your first move. Playing as black, you ask ChatGPT for its first move and respond accordingly.

You can also combine both methods: go to chess.com and use their Analysis tool to play out your and ChatGPT’s move, and see how the game turns out.

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How to Play Chess with ChatGPT


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