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How To Beat Mittens At Chess | Chess.com Guide

How To Beat Mittens At Chess | Chess.com Guide
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Chess.com is the best online app to use when you want to play chess. You can learn how to play, train, practice, then play against friends or AI. One of these AI characters you can play against is Mittens, a sweet little kitty who should not be underestimated! You can learn more about how to beat Mittens at Chess below.

Beating Mittens on Chess.com

Mittens may look like a cute baby cat, but don’t let her fool you! Mittens is a fierce chess opponent who should not be underestimated. It may say (1) next to her name, but this is just an attempt to fool you into thinking she is weak. In fact, her actual Elo rating is random and can hit 3300! This means Mittens is actually pretty formidable.

Mittens is so hard to beat that some of the best Chess.com streamers, such as Gothamchess, Hikaru, and Eric Rosen, have found it near impossible. Beating Mittens without time control is supremely hard, because Mittens has then got all the time she needs to work out her moves.

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Play against Mittens on Chess.com

The only way some people have found possible to beat Mittens is to use strict time controls, because Mittens’ AI is so slow to make a move. So if you are looking to gain 3 Crowns against Mittens, then you need to be sure you can beat her with no time restraints.

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Be sure to first practice using the other, lower-ranked AI before attempting taking on Mittens. Take a look at some of the videos of others trying to, and sometimes succeeding at, beating Mittens to see what their opening moves were, as these can be the key to victory. Check out player GMRomantic below as they beat Mittens and win 3 Crowns!

It seems that Mittens’ only weakness is time, so if your desire is to just beat this kitty, then put a fast time on, and you have a chance! Good luck.

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How To Beat Mittens At Chess | Chess.com Guide


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