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How to Play Brawl Stars in 3D? Gene Brawl Mod Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars in 3D? Gene Brawl Mod Guide
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There are many mods for Brawl Stars that allow you to play with skins, change the graphics in the game, fonts, music, various text, etc. And today we will tell you about a unique modification called “Gene Brawl,” which presents functionality that you will not find in any other mod. Its main feature is the Debug Menu. With it, you can change the position of the camera in the game, thereby creating a three-dimensional space. Or by clicking on just one button, you can add crystals and trophies, although this is only a visual effect.

How Do I Use Gene Brawl?

To get started, you need to download and install Gene Brawl. After installation, in the lower-left corner of the screen, you can see a small window with the letter “D.” By clicking on it, you will open the “Debug menu”, where all the functions of the mod are actually present. To exit it, you must click on the window with the letter “D” again. 

What should I do if the menu does not open when I press it? This problem is fixed by simply restarting the application. If this does not help, then restart the phone.

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Gene Brawl Mod Features

Next Camera Mode – change the location of the camera in the game. There are three camera positions: normal, oblique, and top. An oblique view makes Brawl Stars three-dimensional, that is, 3D. It’s hard to play in this mode, but it looks very impressive. 

A top view allows you to view the entire map. It is impossible to play like this as well, but you can see where all the rivals are and switch the camera back.

Add gems and Increase Score – add 500 gems and 200 trophies. There is no particular benefit in this function since it is only visual. And when the game is restarted, everything will return as it was. But you can take screenshots or take videos to surprise your friends.

Remove all gems and Decrease Score – reset your gems and cups.

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How to Play Brawl Stars in 3D? Gene Brawl Mod Guide



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