Guide How to Push Rank 25 in Brawl Stars: Tips and Secrets

Guide How to Push Rank 25 in Brawl Stars: Tips and Secrets

Are you playing Brawl Stars and want to quickly push your rank? It’s time to talk about how to push your rank to 25 with absolutely any Brawler.

What 25 Rank Gives in Brawl Stars

A separate trophy count is kept for each of your characters, and the higher the rank, the more trophies are needed to achieve it. As you reach certain ranks, you earn star points. The minimum rank required to earn Star Points is ten. And further, the higher the rank, the more star points. Let’s see how many star points you can earn for each rank.

  • 10 rank – 100 star points;
  • 15 rank – 200 star points;
  • 20 rank – 300 star points;
  • 25 rank – 400 star points;
  • 30 rank – 500 Star Points;
  • 35 rank – 600 Star Points.

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How to Push Rank 25 in Brawl Stars – Tips and Cheats

The first tip is to choose your character and game mode wisely. If you choose the wrong mode or the wrong map, you will not be able to improve your character to rank 25.

The second thing we can advise you is to find at least two friends with whom you will be on the way to twenty-fifth rank. If you play alone, it will be very difficult to do this.

It is not necessary to do it in one day. You can play a little today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. And after several weeks, raise the character to rank 25.

Another secret that few people know about is that the easiest way to get a rank is to play at night or in the morning. At this time, the weakest players play and it is easier to defeat them than at other times.

And the last tip – upgrade your account. It is a little easier for upgraded characters to raise 25 rank than for characters with low strength.

This is the end of our rank guide. Find other Brawl Stars guides, tips, and secrets in our special section.

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Guide How to Push Rank 25 in Brawl Stars: Tips and Secrets


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