How to Become a Star Player in Brawl Stars

How to Become a Star Player in Brawl Stars

At the end of each battle in Brawl Stars, a Star Player is selected. This is done to maintain a healthy competitive spirit. Of course, everyone has their own concept of who deserves to be called the best player. Fortunately, Brawl Stars is free from prejudice and subjective judgment. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to get a Star Player reward at the end of the fight.

How to be a Star Player in Brawl Stars?

The Star Player Title is awarded based on the following metrics:

  • The total number of wins/losses.
  • The goal of the game mode.
  • The number of opponents destroyed.
  • Damage done.
  • Damage received.
  • The healing done.

Winning depends on team play, so the best way to earn the Star Player title is to do your best to win your team.

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Why do I need to become a Star Player in Brawl Stars?

Well, first of all, it is just cool. You can make a screenshot and boast about this achievement on social media. But besides this, it has a practical value as well. The thing is that Star players get extra experience points! At the moment, getting the best player reward only gives you 10 experience points.

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How to Become a Star Player in Brawl Stars


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