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How to Play All Trine Games In Order

How to Play All Trine Games In Order
Screenshots from official game trailers.

We all joke about the power of friendship trope, but sometimes it really comes in handy when you least expect it. This rings true for the Trine series, a game where you rotate between three fully voiced characters in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Each one is very different from the other, but all are very important to the cause. The original game was a success that spawned a number of sequels, with the franchise remaining popular to this day. This is how to play all Trine games in order.

Trine (2009)

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The thief character in Trine 1.
Screenshot from official game trailer.

The Trine games all tell a story over the course of each one, which is why it’s important to play them in order. In the first game, you are introduced to a mysterious kingdom which has been in ruin for many years after its ruler died without an heir. When the undead invade the land, a mysterious turn of events brings together a wizard, a knight and a thief. Together, they must use the power of the Trine to restore peace to the land.

Trine Enchanted Edition is a remake of the original game that you can purchase on modern consoles.

Trine 2 (2011)

The heroes swimming in Trine 2.
Screenshot from official game trailer.

Trine 2 brings the three heroes together once more. After years of peace and living their own lives separately, they must take up action once more. This time they are transported to a mysterious land controlled by the mysterious Princess Rosabel, who desires the Trine for her own unknown reasons. Diving deep, the trio land into a family drama that went down a very wrong path.

Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power (2015)

The heroes in Trine 3.
Screenshot from official game trailer.

The third game reunites all the characters, this time all of them looking for a way to sever their connection from the Trine for good. Unfortunately, the attempt ends in disaster as well as unleashing what might be the evilest foe they’ve met. However, if they can defeat him, it may give them a chance for what they desire most.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (2019)

The heroes in Trine 4
Screenshot from official game trailer.

Trine 4 is the most recent game in the franchise, having been released in 2019. This time, the heroes tackle the problem child that is Prince Selius. Once having potential to be a great mage, he makes some costly mistakes that cause a lot of problems to those around him. With his family having sent him away and the Astral Academy terrified of his power, it is up to the three heroes to help this boy.

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy (????)

The heroes in Trine 5.
Screenshot from official game trailer.

The fifth installment of the game was announced on April 12th, 2023. Stayed tuned as more details about the game are revealed!

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How to Play All Trine Games In Order


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