How to Play Aglet – Guide and Tips

How to Play Aglet - Guide and Tips

Aglet is the analog of STEPN. Most people consider this game as a “move to earn.” However, it is not correct. Aglet is mostly a free-to-play game. The only way to earn is to purchase NFT and wait until it is available to sell. So, how to do it and play effectively? Read the guide.

Guide and Tips on Playing Aglet

In this guide, there will be no useless information such as how to set up your character or what move-to-earn games are. This guide is aimed at practical advice that will help you progress faster playing the Aglet.

As you know, the main aim is to collect the coins and purchase shoes as much as possible. Generally, you earn money when you move. However, there are some tips to make more when you move.

Collect steps Reward

When playing the game, you unlock Aglet rewards. These rewards are mostly money. They are given to you by completing certain step goals. Collecting these rewards is necessary if you want to progress fast.

Use the Run Tactic

Sneakers have a wear percentage, and it directly refers to the current earning rate. So, when your shoes have percentages lower than 20%, there is no point wearing them. You need to opt for the new one. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time.

Generally, if you want to use this game as an earning way, you will probably get disappointed. The only way you can perceive this game is like a cool pedometer.

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How to Play Aglet – Guide and Tips


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