How to Plant Flowers in Genshin Impact

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Stop and smell the roses.

Looking for ways to plant and bloom flowers in Genshin Impact? Then read on ahead in our guide to plant flowers in Genshin Impact!

Unlocking the Gardening System

Before you can think of blooming flowers, you have to first unlock the Gardening System itself. To do that, you have to:

  • Make sure you’re playing on the 2.0 update version of Genshin Impact
  • Reach Reputation Level 3 in the Inazuma Region
  • Complete The Art of Horticulture quest from Madame Ping

After completing these steps, you will have unlocked the Gardening system.

How to Grow Flowers in Genshin Impact

Here, we will list and elaborate on the various steps you need to take in order to bloom flowers in Genshin Impact.

Get Flower Seeds

You get Flower Seeds by equipping the Seed Dispensary and collecting items from the open world. 1 item collected = 1 seed collected.

Flower Seeds can also be purchased from Tubby in the Realm Depot, provided that you have already unlocked the Flower Seed type.

Place Gardening Fields in the Serenitea Pot

You will have to access the Realm Depot to buy the Gardening Fields. These Gardening Fields come in 3 different types, and certain Flower Seeds can only be placed in a certain Field. Below are the 3 different Fields:

  • A Path of Value: Luxurious Glebe
  • A Path of Value: Jade Field
  • A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow

Plant Seeds in the Field

If you’ve followed all the steps until now, go ahead and place the  flower seeds you’ve obtained in their respective Fields. The Seed-Planting screen shows you which Fields are idle and which Fields you can plant seeds in.

Each Field has 4 plots; each plot can hold 1 seed. This means you can plant 4 seeds in each Field.

Wait, and Harvest

After planting the seeds, you need to wait in real-time for them to grow. Every seed has a different growth-time, and can be harvested only after fully grown. When you approach a field plot, the remaining time for the seed to grow will be displayed to you.

Once the seeds have bloomed into flowers, you can harvest them and use them as you please! The used plots can be reused for future gardening.

And that was our guide to planting flowers in Genshin Impact. Liked our content? Browse our website for more!

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How to Plant Flowers in Genshin Impact


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