How to Pick up Prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto 3 Mobile


Like every Grand Theft Auto game ever released by Rockstar Games, there are unique features and objectives that players can do in the game other than carjacking, going on missions, or killing pedestrians.

What some players don’t know is that you can actually pick up a prostitute or hooker in GTA games, so in this article, we’ll be teaching you how to pick up a prostitute in Grand Theft Auto 3 Mobile.

Step 1Get a Fancy Ride


In order to get a prostitute to follow you anywhere in GTA 3, the first thing you need to do is get a fancy car. There are many fancy cars to choose from, which means you don’t necessarily need the likes of Cheeta or Infernus to get a prostitute.

Finding cars like Esperanto, Mafia Sentinel, or even a Yakuza Stinger are fine choices that can get the job done.

Step 2 Finding Prostitutes


After you’ve found yourself a fancy car, now it’s time to find the prostitute that you would like to have. This is a simple task because there are dozens of them walking about in every street looking for customers.

After finding one, try not to hit them and gently park your vehicle next to them. They will then walk over to your vehicle and speak with you for a couple of seconds, after which they will slowly catwalk around your vehicle and get in.

Step 3Finding the Right Spot


At this stage, you’ve done the hard part, and from here onwards it’s a breeze. After she gets in, you must now find a secure spot where there aren’t any pedestrians walking by that can spot you.

This spot is preferably somewhere grassy and covered with trees. If you’re in Liberty City, you can find good spots around Hepburn Heights and Hardwood. Once you’ve found your spot, slowly park your vehicle in the secluded spot and get on with your business.


Your vehicle will start to shake, showing that something is going on, and you’ll notice the increase in your health and the decrease in your cash. If your health is at 100, it won’t go past 125. Your activity with the prostitute will go on for about 25-30 seconds, after which she’ll step out of your vehicle and be on her way.


Lastly, you can find and even pick up a prostitute using a normal, non-fancy vehicle, but with lesser chances of getting her to come with you. That’s it on our brief guide on finding a prostitute in GTA 3, and we hope you’ve been able to find yourself quite a few of them after reading this. Have fun!

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How to Pick up Prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto 3 Mobile


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