How To Pick Up People in Combat Warriors (Roblox)


Keybinds are probably the most important part of any fighting simulator. The more complicated the game is, the more buttons you should know to be effectively playing the game. Read this guide, and you will find out how to pick up people in Roblox Combat Warriors. You can be sure this guide might be helpful for beginners and experienced players.

How to Pick Up People in Combat Warriors

In Combat Warriors, a single button can be responsible for a few actions depending on the circumstances. For example, the Space button will start the game if you are in the main menu. But once you are in the game, using the Space button will make your character jump.

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To pick up another player during the round, you should approach a downed player and press the X button while being near him. Even though some people report it does not work on the first try, you can be sure that you will quickly pick up another player at the correct distance. 

Using X Button in Combat Warriors

As you know, a single button might be responsible even for a few actions, and the X button is a perfect example of it. Below, you can find out more functions of the X button in Combat Warriors.

  • Using the X button with a weapon in your hands makes you inspect the gun
  • Holding the X button will make you throw an item from your hands
  • Using the X button with nothing make you carry an item

That’s it with picking up people in Combat Warriors. As you can see, nothing is challenging in doing it. You only need to press the X button once you are near the downed player. Also, you should be pretty careful not to use the X button for its other purposes. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to finish someone off in Roblox Combat Warriors.

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How To Pick Up People in Combat Warriors (Roblox)


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