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How to Pick Up Opponent in AEW: Fight Forever

How to Pick Up Opponent in AEW: Fight Forever
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In the first ever official All Elite Wrestling video game, there is a full roster of legendary characters to choose from and amazing moves to perform on your opponent. Enter the ring in any of the ten varied game modes including Singles, 4-Ways, Unsanctioned Lights Out, and Exploding Barbed Wire Death! As one of the AEW talent you will perform some classic finisher moves, some of which involve grabbing a downed opponent and picking them up. Let’s explore exactly how to pick up an opponent in AEW: Fight Forever.

Picking up an Opponent in AEW: Fight Forever

Picking an opponent up in AEW: Fight Forever is known as a Lift and is a much needed move to start specific signature moves or finishers. Here are some of the moves, including the Lift, to maneuvre your opponent:

Image via THQNordic

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  • Lift – Move close to your opponent when they are downed and press R1 or RB.
  • Drag – When next to your opponent hold R2 or RT and then move the left thumbstick in the direction you want to move them.
  • Turn – When your opponent is downed you can turn them to face up or down by pressing R2 or RT. If they are standing you can grapple them to turn them by pressing L1 or LB.
  • Springboard finisher or Signature – Drop your opponent on the mat, get to the apron by pressing L2 or LT, and then press D-pad or move the right thumbstick. If your move requires them to be standing you can perform a wake-up taunt using the right thumbstick.

If you need help in knowing when you use counters effectively, you will need to turn on Gameplay Assist Effects. To do this go to AEW: Fight Forever Options and then Match and enable Gameplay Assist Effects. When this is active it will flash a red circle to show your action was performed right.

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How to Pick Up Opponent in AEW: Fight Forever