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How to Perform a 720 Flip in an Octane in Fortnite

How to Perform a 720 Flip in an Octane in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduced a new vehicle: the Octane car. This vehicle has amazing handling and super speed, with a boost and jump function! One of the recent Octane Battle Royale/Zero Build quests requires players to perform a 720 degree flip while driving an Octane- and it’s not as easy as you may think! Find out here how to perform a 720 flip in an Octane in Fortnite.

Performing a 720 Flip Easily in a Fortnite Octane

The Octane is inspired directly from Rocket League and functions exactly like the cars in that popular game. The controls for the Octane are:

ThrottleRight Tigger
ReverseLeft Trigger
SteerLeft Stick
HandbrakeLeft Bumper
Air Pitch Up/DownLeft Stick Down/Up
Air Yaw Left/RightLeft Stick Left/Right
Air Roll ToggleLeft Trigger
Camera LookRight Stick
Catch some air while in a vortex (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

It is not a simple task performing a 720 flip while driving an Octane. You will need enough air time to be able to spin 2 complete 360 degree spins and then land the vehicle. To spin in the air the player will need to make sure they boost off a high platform, then toggle the air roll and spin with the thumb-stick.

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Task completed! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

You can attempt this off a mountain or from a high platform but we did it in a sneakier way: in a Chrome Vortex! Drive your Octane into the Chrome Vortex and boost to gain some height, then perform your flip. The bonus with this method is that your Octane will now also be Chromed, which means it will repair and damage automatically.

That is all you need to know about performing a flip in an Octane in Fortnite. Next up, why not check out how to find and use a Portable Launchpad in Fortnite? Good luck!

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How to Perform a 720 Flip in an Octane in Fortnite


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