How to Find and Use a Portable Launchpad in Fortnite

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Another brand new feature has arrived in Fortnite: the Portable Launchpad! This handy item is carried in the inventory, and can be thrown down onto a surface for a quick getaway. Find out more in our guide below on how to find and use a Portable Launchpad in Fortnite.

All About Portable Launchpads in Fortnite

Launchpads used to be kept in the ‘trap’ section of a player’s inventory until they were vaulted in Chapter 3 Season 3. Launch Pads have, since then, been environmental only, meaning they were only found in set locations around the map. In Chapter 3 Season 4 they have been unvaulted as throwable items.

The Launchpads can be found in regular and rare chests, in Supply Drops, and as floor loot.

fortnite_screenshots launchpad
Launchpad in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

These throwable Portable Launchpads can be carried in a stack of 2 in the inventory, not in the trap slots. Once thrown they cannot be picked up again. Players do not need materials in order to throw the launchpads as they come with a metal platform, this means they can be used in a no-build mode easily. If it is thrown on an uneven surface such as a hill, the platform will be raised off the ground slightly.

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fortnite_screenshots launchpad
Launchpad in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

They are a great item to have for escaping the storm, or a particularly heated battle if you need time to heal up. When used, the launchpad sends players into the air, and the glider redeploys. It also leaves a marker on the launchpad for the player or team mates to see where it has been placed.

That is all you need to know about this new item in Fortnite! Next up, why not check out how to get a guaranteed mythic Cobra DMR in Fortnite? Good luck.

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How to Find and Use a Portable Launchpad in Fortnite


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