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How to Perfect Dodge in Monster Hunter Now

Learn how to swiftly evade and counterattack monsters by learning how to Perfect Dodge in Monster Hunter Now.

You better get used to dodging in Monster Hunter Now, otherwise you’re going to be downing First-Aid Meds left and right. Thankfully, the timing for dodging is pretty forgiving, but if you’re feeling extra daring, you can go for a Perfect Dodge, which is a risky but very rewarding maneuver.

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Here’s how to Perfect Dodge in Monster Hunter Now.

Performing Perfect Dodges in Monster Hunter Now

During a hunt, you can dodge roll by swiping in any direction. Your Hunter dodges in the direction you swipe, so swiping to the left makes your Hunter roll to the left, and so forth. More importantly, some of your attack animations can be canceled early by dodging.

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Dodge canceling is a very important technique to learn, as you will often find yourself eating attacks because you were in the middle of your own attack. That is especially frequent if you’re using one of the slower weapons, like the Great Sword or Hammer.

In addition to normal dodging, there is Perfect Dodging, a technique that should only be attempted if you’re familiar with the monster’s attack animations. To do a Perfect Dodge, you must dodge right before a monster’s attack is about to connect with you. You will know you did a Perfect Dodge correctly when you see your Hunter gracefully dive out of the way, complete with yellow streaks.

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So, what are the advantages of a Perfect Dodge? For starters, the Perfect Dodge animation is speedier than the normal dodge, so you’re able to act again faster. Secondly, you can unleash a powerful counterattack if you attack right after the Perfect Dodge.

If you’re having trouble performing Perfect Dodges, consider using the armor skill Artful Dodger, which extends the timing window of Perfect Dodges. You can find this skill on Tobi-Kadachi’s armor set.

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How to Perfect Dodge in Monster Hunter Now