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How to Parry in Cuphead

How to Parry in Cuphead

A massive DLC for a stylish hand-drawn platformer inspired by early Disney animation has just been released. Let’s look at how to parry in Cuphead, which allows you to save time without replaying the next fight. Parry is the most complex mechanic that requires practice.

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To parry in Cuphead, you need to jump into the air, and then hold the jump again (usually this is the A button), but at this moment you must be in the air. As a result, the Cuphead will have a hand with a spectacular pink backlight. With the help of the maneuver, you can not only block the damage but also destroy the enemy if you accurately repel the shot.

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When the process is completed successfully, you will immediately notice that the hero will jump up again. Since a lot of targets often flicker across the screen, this approach is justified since you can immediately move to the next target after you killed the first one. Also, it is easier to choose an opponent located somewhere on the right side. This is especially true if you play on the keyboard without a gamepad.

With a series of successful actions, you will notice that the hero’s super-strike scale is filled. It is located in the corner of the display on the left (bottom). Cards will appear showing the Super-scale for effective penetration of targets. Having five cards, you will carry out a highly artistic attack, which the developers call Super Art.

Pay attention that not all creatures encountered in the levels can be parried. And if you miss, you risk losing one HP or dying. However, level restarts are commonplace for this platformer aimed at fans of complex gameplay.

This is how you parry in Cuphead. By having some good practice, you will be able to deal with the game much faster. Good luck!

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How to Parry in Cuphead


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